General Information


Vista Hall Lobby (B2), Grande Walkerhill Seoul, Korea

Running Hours

Move-in November 28(Wed), 2018 8:00AM ~ 6:00PM
Operating Hour November 29 (Thu), 2018 1:00PM ~ 6:00PM
November 30 (Fri), 2018 8:00AM ~ 4:30PM
Move-out November 30 (Fri), 2018 4:30PM ~ 10:00PM

Exhibition Booth Allocation

Booth Type: Space Only
* Must be set up in the limitation of allotted space,
3m x 2m x 2.5m (L x W x H) with flooring material -(ex)Pytex.


  Attention Telephone E-mail
Exhibition &
Learning Center
Ms. Moon Na 82-2-3010-4940 namoon@summitmd.com
Account Management Ms. Karen Kim 82-2-3010-4810 karen@summitmd.com