Scientific Program

* Below schedule is based on Korea Standard Time (UTC/GMT+9).
November 26
November 27

Main Session

Opening Remark and Meeting Introduction

9:00 AM ~ 9:10 AM

9:00 AM Opening Remark
9:05 AM Meeting Introduction
Speaker: Duk-Woo Park

Complex PCI E-Training Session I: Left Main and Bifurcation PCI

9:10 AM ~ 10:06 AM

9:10 AM Integrated Image & Physiology for LM Bifurcation PCI: When and How?
Lecturer: Seung-Jung Park
9:22 AM Bifurcation Tech Review 2020 (1): Provisional Strategy with FFR Concept
Lecturer: Bon-Kwon Koo
9:34 AM Bifurcation Tech Review 2020 (2): Upfront 2-stent Strategy
Lecturer: Shaoliang Chen
9:46 AM Panel Discussion with Q & A

Complex PCI E-Training Session II: Severe Calcified Lesions

10:40 AM ~ 11:36 AM

10:40 AM All About Rotablation: When and How to?
10:52 AM Various Debulking Devices Other than Rota: When and How to?
Lecturer: Thierry Lefevre
11:04 AM How to Obtain Maximal Support for Severe Calcified Lesion?
Lecturer: Jung-Min Ahn
11:16 AM Panel Discussion with Q & A

Complex PCI E-Training Session III: Rescue Strategy for Complications During CHIP Procedure

12:10 PM ~ 1:06 PM

12:10 PM Rescue Strategy for Coronary Perforation During Complex CHIP PCI
Lecturer: Myeong-Ki Hong
12:22 PM Rescue Strategy for No Reflow During Complex CHIP PCI
Lecturer: Chiung-Jen Wu
12:34 PM Rescue Strategy for Cardiogenic Shock During Complex CHIP PCI
Lecturer: James Flaherty
12:46 PM Panel Discussion with Q & A

Complex PCI E-Training Session IV: CTO-PCI

1:40 PM ~ 2:36 PM

1:40 PM Safety Considerations of PCI for Stumpless Ostial LAD CTO
Lecturer: Pil Hyung Lee
1:52 PM Multivessel CTOs; Tips and Troubleshooting
Lecturer: Kenya Nasu
2:04 PM Strategies of CTO PCI in Post-CABG Patients
2:16 PM Panel Discussion with Q & A

Virtual Theater #1: Taped Live Cases for CTO

3:10 PM ~ 4:40 PM

3:10 PM Taped Live #1 with Interactive Discussion
Lecturer: Scott Harding
3:30 PM Taped Live #2 with Interactive Discussion
Lecturer: Kenya Nasu
3:50 PM Taped Live #3 with Interactive Discussion
4:10 PM [Special Lecture] Use of Coronary CT Angiography to Facilitate PCI of CTOs
Lecturer: Byeong-Keuk Kim
4:25 PM Panel Discussion with Q & A

Case Presentation Session

Case Presentation I

9:00 AM ~ 10:00 AM

Moderator(s): Kee-Sik Kim, Teguh Santoso
9:00 AM Horrible STEMI in COVID-19 Era
Case Presenter: Ahmed Shaheen
9:10 AM Hairpin/Reverse Guidewire Technique for Bifurcation Stenting
Case Presenter: Amjad Ali
9:20 AM Optical Coherence Tomography Guided Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Following Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement
Case Presenter: Tatsuya Kamon
9:30 AM One Case of Three Chronic Total Occluded Vessels PCI with ECMO Support
Case Presenter: Zhao-Hui Liu
9:40 AM Managing Complication of Orbital Atherectomy in Calcified Lesion
Case Presenter: Shargunandass Iynam
9:50 AM Primary Angioplasty of Left Main with Cardiogenic Shock & Pulmonary Oedema with IABP Support
Case Presenter: Hariom Tyagi

Case Presentation II

11:50 AM ~ 12:50 PM

Moderator(s): Weon Kim, Wei-Hsien Yin
11:50 AM Percutaneous Management of Giant Coronary Aneurysm of RCA and Subsequent In-stent Restenosis of Covered Stent
Case Presenter: Chirag Sheth
12:00 PM Catheter-induced Aortic Dissection During Coronary Stenting - Surgery or Intervention?
Case Presenter: David Baghdasaryan
12:10 PM The Useful Case of ARCADIA Technique for Calcified Nodule in Right Coronary Artery
Case Presenter: Takuma Tsuda
12:20 PM Recurrent Coronary Spasm Presenting as STEMI, a Management Dilemma in Acute Setting
Case Presenter: Abid Ullah
12:30 PM Life Threatening Coronary Artery Dissection Post Drug Coating Balloon in a Very Young Patient with NSTEMI
Case Presenter: Heng Shee Kim
12:40 PM Complex PCI of CTO: Make It Simple
Case Presenter: Islam Elsayed Shehata

Case Presentation III

2:40 PM ~ 3:40 PM

Moderator(s): Sang Wook Lim, Ashok Seth
2:40 PM Balloon Trapping Technique at the Antegrade Guiding Catheter may be Helpful if Gears Can Not Cross in CTO Retrograde Approach.
Case Presenter: Dian Setiawan
2:50 PM Guide Wire-induced Distal Coronary Perforation Management Using a Piece of Coronary Balloon, a Novel Technique
Case Presenter: Hosein Alavi
3:00 PM Intra-coronary Rendezvous Technique with RG3 for an RCA CTO with Un-crossable Retrograde Micro-catheter
Case Presenter: Cheng-Chun Wei
3:10 PM Unusual Suspect!
Case Presenter: Wisam Khider
3:20 PM PCI of a Left Anterior Descending Artery CTO Through Left Internal Mammary Artery Graft
Case Presenter: Harinder K. Bali
3:30 PM A Non-Usual STEMI with Cardiogenic Shock After Cardiac Surgery
Case Presenter: Marc Bedossa

Case Presentation IV

4:10 PM ~ 5:10 PM

Moderator(s): Wacin Buddhari, Do-Sun Lim
4:10 PM Coronary Artery Dissection After Contrast Injection Through Microcatheter
Case Presenter: Minsuk Kim
4:20 PM Mini Crush in Left Main in Patient with Existing Provisional T-stenting in Left Main and LAD
Case Presenter: Arvind Yuvaraj Narsimhan
4:30 PM Usefulness of Orbital Atherectomy to Superficial In-stent Calcified Plaques in Patients on Chronic Hemodialysis
Case Presenter: Kahoko Mori
4:40 PM A Case of a Notorious Knot in Transradial PCI
Case Presenter: Fathima Aaysha Cader
4:50 PM Repetitive Superficial High-intensity Layer After Synergy Stent Placement at Mid-right Coronary Artery in Diabetic Patients on Chronic Hemodialysis
Case Presenter: Hideyuki Aoki
5:00 PM Simplified Left Main Trifurcation PCI in a Patient with High Bleeding Risks
Case Presenter: Nay Thu Win

Satellite Symposium

All About OCT-Guided PCI

Organized by CVRF and Supported by Educational Grant from Abbott

5:10 PM ~ 6:10 PM

Moderator(s): Seung-Ho Hur, Jung-Sun Kim
5:10 PM Why Do We Need Intravascular Imaging for PCI Guidance?
Lecturer: Do-Yoon Kang
5:20 PM OCT-Guided PCI Step-by-Step: Basic, Artifacts & Pitfalls
Lecturer: Cheol Hyun Lee
5:30 PM Case Review #1: Calcified Lesion PCI under OCT Guidance
Lecturer: Sung-Jin Hong
5:40 PM Case Review #2: Bifurcation PCI under OCT Guidance
Lecturer: Yongcheol Kim
5:50 PM Discussion