[Satellite Symposium] Complex PCI & How Do I Manage ?

November 26, 2021 / 3:55 PM-4:55 PM 📌 Channel 2

Organized by CVRF and Supported by Educational Grant from India Medtronic Pvt. Ltd.
Moderator(s): Ajith Pillai, G. Sengottuvelu

Session Objective and Welcome
Speaker: G. Sengottuvelu
Case 1- Tackling a Calcified RCA- Dissect to Guide & Puff Finally
Lecturer: Praveen S V
Case 2- Coronary Perforations
Lecturer: Nikhil Parchure
Live Case- Complex PCI
Operator: Jaskaran Singh Dugal, Ajit C. Mehta
OCT Predictors of Side Branch-Restenosis in LM Bifurcation Angioplasty Using DKC: OP-SIBRE LM Study
Lecturer: Ankush Gupta
Speaker: Ajith Pillai