Below schedule is based on Korea Standard Time (UTC/GMT+9).
November 25
November 26

Channel 1

Opening Remark and Meeting Introduction

1:00 PM ~ 1:06 PM
Channel 1

1:00 PM Opening Remark
1:03 PM Meeting Introduction
Speaker: Duk-Woo Park

Featuring Training Session and Clinical Workshop 1: Step 1. Plan Before Procedure View VOD

1:06 PM ~ 2:09 PM
Channel 1

Featuring Training Session and Clinical Workshop 2: Step 2. Lesion Preparation View VOD

2:15 PM ~ 3:17 PM
Channel 1

Featuring Training Session and Clinical Workshop 3: Step 3. Stenting & Optimization View VOD

3:25 PM ~ 4:25 PM
Channel 1

Moderator(s): Myeong-Ki Hong, Ashok Seth

Featuring Training Session and Clinical Workshop 4: Step 4. Troubleshooting View VOD

4:30 PM ~ 5:36 PM
Channel 1

Channel 2

Challenging Case Presentation 1 View VOD

1:06 PM ~ 2:01 PM
Channel 2

Moderator(s): Do-Sun Lim, Li Wah Tam
1:06 PM Ultra Low Contrast Unprotected Left Main Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Using Intravascular Ultrasound and Sepal Technique E-Poster
Case Presenter: Kristy Garganera
1:15 PM Instant Wave-Free Ratio Guided Coronary Intervention in a Female Prior to Kidney Transplant E-Poster
Case Presenter: Hendyono Lim
1:24 PM Double Culprit STEMI E-Poster
Case Presenter: Chun Lin Raymond Cheung
1:33 PM A Simple Percutaneous Coronary Intervention May Complicated Unexpectedly - Aorto Coronary Dissection Treated with Non Covered Stent across the Ostium E-Poster
1:42 PM Double Bending and Calcified LAD Lesion Treated with Rotablation E-Poster
Case Presenter: Cheng-Chun Wei
1:51 PM Endovascular Reconstruction of a Chronically Occluded Saphenous Venous Graft Using Combined Antegrade and Retrograde Injection E-Poster
Case Presenter: Harinder K. Bali
Live Chat Discussant(s): Michael N. Gergis, Sang-Ho Park, Kota Tanaka

Challenging Case Presentation 2 View VOD

2:06 PM ~ 3:16 PM
Channel 2

Moderator(s): Simon Lo, Chang-Wook Nam
2:06 PM Intracoronary Imaging : The Good, Bad and Ugly E-Poster
Case Presenter: Hashrul Rashid
2:16 PM OCT Demonstrated Extension Catheter Related Stent Deformation E-Poster
Case Presenter: Hsuan-Ling Tseng
2:26 PM IVL in High Risk Left-Main PCI E-Poster
Case Presenter: Muhammad Andi Yassiin
2:36 PM Shock Wave Lithotripsy in IVUS Guided PCI of Calcified Vessels E-Poster
Case Presenter: Rohit Mody
2:46 PM High Risk PCI of LM Bifurcation with CTO Ostial LCX E-Poster
Case Presenter: Thanawat Suesat
2:56 PM Ticagrelor-Associated High-Degree Heart Block: A Case Report & Review of the Literature E-Poster
Case Presenter: Hariom Tyagi
Live Chat Discussant(s): Sangmin Kim, Ung Kim, Nobuhito Yagi

Challenging Case Presentation 3 View VOD

3:21 PM ~ 4:26 PM
Channel 2

Moderator(s): Kam Tim Chan, Hongbing Yan
3:21 PM Percutaneous Coronary Intervention on Unprotected Left Main Coronary Artery Quadfurcation E-Poster
Case Presenter: Bryan Rene Toledano
3:32 PM A Challenging Case of Recalcitrant Coronary Calcium E-Poster
Case Presenter: Fathima Aaysha Cader
3:43 PM The Shadow of Crusade (Use of Crusade Microcatheter and Stent Enhancement Technology in DK Crush LM Bifurcation Stenting) E-Poster
Case Presenter: Mahesh Gurung
3:54 PM Rotational Atherectomy in a Heavily Calcified, Balloon Undilatable Left Anterior Descending Artery Chronic Total Occlusion E-Poster
Case Presenter: Hou Tee Lu
4:05 PM Nonagenarian with a Complex Left Coronary System E-Poster
Case Presenter: Jonathan Xinguo Fang
4:16 PM Long and Heavily Calcified RCA (From RCS to PLV Branch): Successful Image Guided Complex PCI E-Poster
Case Presenter: Ashwani Sharma

Challenging Case Presentation 4 View VOD

4:31 PM ~ 5:29 PM
Channel 2

4:31 PM Efficacy of King Ghidorah Technique Prior to Simultaneous V-stenting for Thrombotic Occluded Left Main Coronary Artery: A Case Report E-Poster
Case Presenter: Tatsuhiko Ito
4:40 PM The Crusade Microcatheter-Facillated Technique in Complex and Long Chronic Total Occlusion Case E-Poster
Case Presenter: Meng-Ying Lu
4:49 PM Rescue PCI of the Bifurcation Lesion with an Aneurysm in the Center after Acute CABG Failure E-Poster
Case Presenter: Sakolwat Montrivade
4:59 PM Complete Percutaneous Coronary Revascularization of Calcified LM and TVD E-Poster
5:09 PM Challenge for PCI at True Left Main Bifurcation with Multiple Stenosis in Left Circumflex E-Poster
Case Presenter: Novita Sitorus
5:19 PM Successful Retrieval of Dislodged Non-Inflated Coronary Stent: Where Micro Snare and Stent Broke E-Poster
Case Presenter: Dileep Kumar Tiwari