List of Accepted Studies

Total: 40

Submission No. Title Presenter Country
CASE20220903_002 A Case Of Complex And High-Risk Coronary Intervention With Left Main Bifurcation Stenting Richardson Lorilla Philippines
CASE20220826_029 Selective Coil Embolization to Preserve the Renal Tissue in a Case of Post Traumatic Renal Injury HARIOM TYAGI India
CASE20220826_027 Rotatripsy to LCX-OM Sanjat Shankar Chiwane India
CASE20220826_026 A Challenging Case Report: Management of Wire Crossable, Device Uncrossable Heavily Calcified RCA Lesions Su Hnin Hlaing Australia
CASE20220826_024 Changing the Course of Action through Imaging Su Hnin Hlaing Australia
CASE20220826_023 Primary Retrograde Approach to Chronic Total Occlusion Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in a Patient With Both Subclavian Arteries Occlusion Ho Sung Jeon Korea (Republic of)
CASE20220826_022 Unexpected Complication, What To Do? Prashanth Panduranga Oman
CASE20220826_021 A Challenging Case Report:Intervention for Complex Native Coronary arteries in a Patient Undergone CABG under Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Support for Twice Time Jingang Zheng China
CASE20220826_014 Primary Angioplasty of Left Main with Cardiogenic Shock Pulmonary Oedema with IABP Support HARIOM TYAGI India
CASE20220826_012 A Challenging Case Report: Chronic Total Occlusion Intervention in a Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction Patient Yeon-Jik Choi Korea (Republic of)
CASE20220826_010 How to Deal With In-Stent CTO: More Approach in a Case Ngo Quang Tung Vietnam
CASE20220826_007 pLCx CTO and tortuous pLAD. Rotational atherectomy and LM bifucation stenting with provisional stenting to LAD/D1 bifurcation Jonathan Xinguo Fang Hong Kong, China
CASE20220826_004 A Case of Complex CTO Raman Chawla India
CASE20220826_002 Coronary Arrtery Stent Removal Raman Chawla India
CASE20220826_001 A challenging case report : contemporary LM intervention and TAVI AT THE SAME SETTING. TURKI AYED AL GARNI Saudi Arabia
CASE20220825_009 Chip the Rock : Rota-Tripsy Pragathi Gurram India
CASE20220825_003 RCA with Anomalous LCX Bifurcation Stenting Suresh Yerra India
CASE20220824_004 Conflicting FFR and QFR in a patient with Angina Pectoris Alvin Chee Keong Ng Singapore
CASE20220824_003 Type III Coronary Perforation Rescued by 2 Covered Stents Muhammad Imran Abdul Hafidz Malaysia
CASE20220823_001 When It Rains It Pours: Having Two Complications At The Same Time Hsuan-Ling Tseng Taiwan
CASE20220822_002 Rotational Atherectomy : A Bail-Out Strategy For A Case Of Balloon Uncrossable And Undilatable Calcified Lesion Siti Dalila Adnan Malaysia
CASE20220822_001 Chronic Total Occlusion with In-stent Restenosis and Graft Occlusion after Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting in a 52 year-old Filipino male: a Successful Management Thessa Mae Ravena Ecarma-Villareal Philippines
CASE20220819_002 ACS with Left Main disease Preeti Sharma India
CASE20220819_001 Tip In Technique as bailout in a Retrograde CTO PCI in Philippine Heart Center: A case report Anna Katrina Ng Chua Philippines
CASE20220818_007 A 3 in 1 case: A Total Occlusion, Bifurcation and Multi Vessel PCI. Benjamin Tao Xiung Lim Malaysia
CASE20220818_006 An Interesting Case: Single Vessel but a Calcified CTO With Stenting Across the Left Main. Benjamin Tao Xiung Lim Malaysia
CASE20220818_003 Retrograde recanalization of CTO of the RCA Pavel Emelyanov Russian Federation
CASE20220818_002 Coronary Intervention of Anomalous Origin Coronary Arteries Through Left Distal Radial Ayman azoz Saudi Arabia
CASE20220817_003 Retrograde Recanalization of Chronic Occlusion of the Right Coronary Artery. Liudmila Ulyanova Russian Federation
CASE20220814_002 A Case of Critically Confirmed COVID - 19 in a 52 Year Old Filipino Male Presenting With Multivessel Coronary Artery Disease Maria Antonette Bernal Gelindon Philippines
CASE20220813_001 A challenging Case : PCI to critical ostial LM stenosis with heavy calcification Viroj Muangsillapasart Thailand
CASE20220812_003 Simultaneous No-reflow Phenomenon and Abrupt Vessel Closure In Rotational Atherectomy Result in Cardiac Arrest. Wongwaris Aphijirawat Thailand
CASE20220812_002 Debunking Complex PCI – The Dilemma of Calcified Bifurcation Stenting Heng Shee Kim Malaysia
CASE20220812_001 My first OCT guided PCI for STEMI as a junior Chun Lin Raymond Cheung Hong Kong, China
CASE20220809_004 A Case of Calcified LAD with Acute MI, Primary PCI done with IVL and Perforation of Septal Artery Rohit Mody India
CASE20220806_001 "Hanging By A Thread" - A Challenging Case of Acute Coronary Syndrome caused by Critically Stenosed Distal Left Main and critically stenosis Right Coronary Artery due to Eruptive Calcified Nodules in an Octogenerian Patient. Tjen Jhung Lee Malaysia
CASE20220805_002 Left Main stenting done with Provisional approach- Can Imaging with IVUS make a difference Rohit Mody India
CASE20220801_001 I Wish I Had Done It Before Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement: Ostial Right Coronary Artery Intervention With Rotablation of a Calcified Lesion and Transcatheter Heart Valve Stent Struts Obstruction Huan-Chiu Lin Taiwan
CASE20220731_001 A case of major catastrophe-Dual Stent thrombosis Punish Sadana India
CASE20220714_001 A challenging Case Report : Multiple bifurcation approach in patient with ACS Imad Sheiban Italy
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