[COMPLEX PCI] Guideline and concept changes: revascularization for non-LM bifurcations in 2022

Cutting down unnecessary revascularizations key for non-left main bifurcation PCIs as GDMT suffices for most SIHD patients

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US guidance on CABG vs contemporary PCI in MVD partly driven by ‘misunderstandings, limitations’ of FFR-guided PCI studies

Multivessel disease patients benefit from both CABG and state-of-the-art PCI, expert says, but misinterpretations of limited studies give skewed impressions of CABG superiority

‘More imaging, the better’ to improve clinical outcomes after complex PCI

Do-Yoon Kang, MD explains intracoronary physiology and imaging to optimize complex PCI results based on 2 fundamental questions


[COMPLEX PCI] Guideline and concept changes: revascularization for Left Main in 2022

End of zero-sum game in Left Main disease? More support for CABG and PCI being complementary approaches, putting patient preference at heart of decision-making

[Expert Insight] Choosing guidewires for antegrade, retrograde approaches during CTO-PCI

Toshiya Muramatsu, MD (Tokyo Heart Center, Tokyo, Japan) explains importance of analyzing CTO anatomy, new CTO guidewires and techniques at COMPLEX PCI 2022

Evidence ‘reconciles’ 2 apparently different revasc procedures – PCI and CABG – for LM, MVCAD

At COMPLEX PCI 2022, Gregg W. Stone, MD notes all specialists agree on choice between PCI, CABG for most patients with LM, highlights best strategies for subgroups